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A very special award, given only occasionally to an individual who emulates the ideals of Dr. Tucker.


2002 Dennis Miya, DDS

2004 Warren K. Johnson, DDS

2006 Ronald S. Gusa, DDS

2008 Richard Stevenson III., DDS

2012 Richard J. Hoard, DDS

2015 Richard D. Tucker, DDS

2016 Barry O. Evans, DDS

2018 Bruce Small, DDS

2018 David Thorburn, DDS


President's Award

recognizes a member of the Academy that served the organization in a meaningful manner as judged by the standing President of that year.

2002 Dr. Ed Kardong/ Dr. Richard Rotter

2003 Dr. Jack Boatman, Jr

2004 Dr. Ed Kardong/ Dr. James M. Deckman

2005 Dr. Sil O. Strandwold

2006 Dr. Barry O. Evans

2007 Dr. Alan M. Voda

2008 Dr. David Thorburn

2009 Dr. Cesare Robello

2010 Dr. Margaret Webb

2011 Dr. Bruce Small

2012 Mr. Mark Ziemkowski

2013 Dr. Mark Cruz

2014 Dr. Maureen Andrea

2015 Dr. Lawrence Vanzella

2016 Dr. Barbara Young

2017 Dr. Randy Allan

2018 Dr. Andreas Bien