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Cast Gold DVD

General Information about the alloy

The Gold Inlay

  • Basic Preparation
  • Impression
  • Seating and Finishing

Variations in Cavity Design

  • Cuspid Preparations
  • Onlays
  • 7/8 and Full Crowns
  • Buccal Pit Gold Foil

The Laboratory

  • Laboratory Basics
  • Faults and Fixes
  • A Must See for Dentists



The Tucker Cast Gold DVD

The Tucker Trilogy is now complete with the addition of The Laboratory to Dr. Richard Tucker's collection of technique videos. The first section demonstrates his basic laboratory technique for gold castings in a simple "cook book" manner. The following section entitled Problem Solving, addresses faults and fixes that can commonly occur. Why castings do not fit, expansion, margins, and longevity are some of the topics covered. This video is a must see for all dentists who wish to become masters of the technique.

The Tucker Trilogy consists of the following three sections, The Gold Inlay, Variations in Cavity Design.

This DVD containing all three titles sells for only

US$55 incl.- free shipping worldwide


To purchase please contact:

Mr. Mark Ziemkowski

822 El Monte Ave

Chico, CA 96928

Fon:(530) 345-4613