2017 R. V. Tucker Cast Gold Restoration Clinical Course

Monday to Friday, June 5th -9th June , 2017

Tucker Conservative Gold Course at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

Dr. Margaret A. Webb





The Tucker UBC Conservative Gold Course is a clinical course in conservative gold castings mentored by Dr. Margaret Webb. This is a comprehensive hands-on course held at the Faculty of Dentistry at The University of British Columbia on cast gold procedures using techniques developed by Dr. R.V. Tucker. Each day begins with a lecture before proceeding to the hands-on clinical day. In addition to working on individual patient cases, participants will gain a more in-depth understanding of laboratory procedures 

Patients and assistants, and supplies can be provided upon request. Contact Dr. Margaret Webb

This is a fantastic learning experience for the dental team and participating doctors are encouraged to bring an assistant

40 hours of instruction for Dentists

UBC Course attendees will conclude their course with a celebration dinner.

Tuition: $3,295 Includes all coffee breaks lunches and final dinner.

Deposit of $500 required with balance paid by May 1, 2017.

Dates: June 5-9, 2016

Times: 8 am - 6 pm

(Format and times vary slightly each day.)

Instructor: Dr. Margaret Webb

Phone: (604) 733-9833

Email: m.webb@arbutusdental.com

 What past participantsAAA+ 2015 New Fashion are saying about the course: 

It was a busy 5 days with a unique opportunity to treat patients under the guidance and instruction of Dr. Webb. The small group allowed for refining existing skills and to develop new ones for placing conservative and predictable cast gold restorations as taught by Dr. Richard V. Tucker. The opportunity to  determine treatment and best approaches for real clinical situations allowed course participants to apply those principles taught in lecture. As well, a visit to a dental lab and review of the laboratory steps involved to ensure a quality restoration, underlined the importance of good lab work. Dr. Webb and staff, participants and patients, all contributed to an enjoyable and positive educational experience… 

Dr. Gary Rubinoff, Toronto, ON 

Dr. Webb’s Tucker Cast Gold Course was a wonderful review course after my 9 years of private practice. Gold restoration techniques are the fundamental of any direct and indirect restoration and what I learned in this course has made me a better clinician. I absolutely enjoyed this course. It was indeed beyond my expectations. Dr. Webb has a comprehensive approach in the clinic, covering from various prep designs, placement of Rubber Dam to cord packing, impression making, temporizing, cementing and how to polish the gold restorations to get a smooth shiny seamless margins for best long term results. Dr. Webb is a fine and skilled clinician and a gifted coach and instructor. Her patience and undivided attention given individually to all the dentists in the clinic made this course an outstanding experience to all of us and made every minute of this course be worth it…. 

Dr. Bita Zavari, Portland,  Oregon


                                 UBC 2014 Course Participants